In-Flight Etiquette Violations You Should Refrain Yourself From

Expedia dropped a bomb in the world of air travel by releasing the results of immensely comprehensive surveys on “what are bad etiquettes of air travel.”

Well, of course it has got a more technical name, but I like to call it that, because that’s what it really is, and is undoubtedly very close to the reality. In this survey, the back-seat kcker is ranked as the most annoying of all the misbehaving passenger types that can be classified to exist on a flight. This ranking is based off of 64% percent of the 1,004 Americans. Another one of the most annoying actions, seat reclining, also received a whole lot of disgrace from the population of the survey. 37% of the population polled that they would prefer seat reclining banned, or at least restricted in short flights. 53% of the population said that they recline their seats, 23% of the remaining side said that they refrain from seat reclining because it is deemed as improper etiquette.

Here is the full rank of all the violators of air-etiquettes that you would probably be extremely frustrated at, and should refrain from, when the time comes.

  • Rear seat kicker
  • Inattentive parents
  • Aromatic passenger
  • Loud-mouth passenger
  • Boozed passenger
  • The chatty Cathy
  • Queue jumpers
  • Seat recliners
  • Armrest raider
  • Pungent foodie
  • “Take off his shirt after takeoff” guy
  • Amorous passenger
  • Mad bladder (this one shouldn’t be on the list, you can’t help your bladder)
  • The flashy hero who decided to mingle